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  • Starting A National Rail Electrification Plan

    Starting A National Rail Electrification Plan

    Something momentous may be about to happen in United States passenger rail: Amtrak is going to gain electrified trackage. If recently-released proposals for $424M worth of passenger rail improvements in Indiana and Illinois are realized, regional and long-distance Amtrak services between Chicago and Northwestern Indiana will shift their route from the Norfolk Southern’s congested Chicago […]

  • Improving Subway Cars’ Exterior Signage

    Improving Subway Cars’ Exterior Signage

    (This post is an elaboration of a Twitter thread on the same topic). Digital destination signs have occupied their familiar place on the side of subway cars for nearly thirty years. In the early 1990s, the original rollsigns on the R44 and R46 cars were replaced with digital displays, and since then, digital signage has […]

  • Reopen The Subway Bathrooms

    Reopen The Subway Bathrooms

    One of the many things made suddenly more obvious by the COVID-19 pandemic was the dire lack of public restrooms in New York City. As shops shut their doors to the public to curb the spread of the virus, it quickly became harder than ever to find any open bathrooms in the largest city in […]

  • NYC’s transit should be more multilingual

    NYC’s transit should be more multilingual

    Cities, by nature, are multilingual. New York City (especially Queens) is one of the most linguistically-diverse places on Earth. On top of that, major cities such as New York attract (when there isn’t a pandemic happening) tens of millions of visitors every year from around the world, further adding to the number of languages being […]